Hefei full support for high level talent innovation and Entrepreneurship

is the link of innovative talents of innovation and entrepreneurship strung all links, as long as there is talent, no matter what the industry can always keep exuberant vitality. Hefei city plans to increase high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship support in funds and policy aspects to open the floodgates wide to.

12 8, the reporter learned from the Hefei municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the city recently issued a further support for high-level personnel innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions. "Opinions" made it clear that Hefei will focus on strategic emerging industries and leading industries, within the 5 years from 2016, introduced for domestic and foreign about 200 team of high level talents to meet the conditions of fertilizer innovation; support, give 3 million yuan to 10 million yuan angel investment funds or 5 million yuan to 20 million yuan of business guide fund support.

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