From the Tencent’s growth history to talk about operators need to have 3 basic qualities

history will not repeat itself, but there is always a striking similarity. Looking at it for a while will surely give us a deeper understanding of the Internet, products and operations.


spent about half a month, and I finished reading this book, "Tencent biography". Wu Xiaobo’s 5 year history of the book completed, indeed quite comprehensive, to show us a more three-dimensional Tencent empire.

The Tencent, founded in 1998 with the original intention of producing a wireless paging system, decided to develop OICQ (or later QQ) under the odds and ends of coincidence (

). Sometimes fate is so unexpected, when Ma Huateng wanted to make a fist of the pager has now been eliminated by history, the "try to support" OICQ, but he became the foundation of the Tencent empire.

in 1998, the Tencent Inc was founded;

1999, OICQ released;

received IDG and PCCW investments in 2000 with a valuation of $5 million 500 thousand;

in 2001, with a valuation of $60 million to obtain MIH investment, Tencent became the first profitable Internet Co;

was born in 2002, Q coins;

2003, Tencent online line, become a revolutionary QQ show charged product launch QQ game platform;

listed on the stock exchange of Hongkong in 2004;

in 2005, QQ beat MSN, redefining even communications, "one-stop online life";

in 2006, the introduction of Choi Fu Tong;

in 2007, the establishment of the Tencent public welfare fund;

2008, the first year of Tencent game, "through the fire line" and "Dungeon Fighter Online" to achieve Tencent game explosive growth;

2009, happy farm on the line;

2010, 3Q war, Tencent from closed to open turning point;

2011, WeChat released, set up a "Tencent industry win-win fund", issued "open platform" strategy, through the line;

proposed "Pan entertainment" strategy in 2012;

2013, proposed the "connection" and "Internet plus" new ideas;

2014, micro Bank approved the establishment of private banks, launched Tencent financial pass;

, 2015, proposes that the future focus on two things – connection and content;

in 2016, the market value exceeded HK $2000000000000, the highest market capitalization of Asia’s top companies

2017, let’s >

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