Baidu only included the first page of my view

through more than two months to sunlight blog analysis, I found a problem, Google spider and Baidu spider included problems on this big difference, Google reflects sensitive, fast speed. Baidu contains a slow response. After all, robots and people can not match each other, from the other side of the more reflect Google’s high degree of intelligence, Baidu is relatively poor. Why? I have my own station analysis, not for personal opinions, please master to give criticism! Brother again thanks in advance.

I first talk about the

station, the station name of the name is registered in November 2008, before I had two sun blog binding station, the first station is the first station of Shanxi loongteam, submitted by binding, later Jin Longgong studio abandoned, because I put this record problem space station shut down. So I opened the current "sunshine blog", using the Z-blog blog system.

sun blog was established in February 4, 2009, at that time I gave Baidu submitted my new blog, this time the site is already single but I found that Baidu is still included in my, there is an update basically a week. WWW is updated every day, but I believe Google it before 4 days have been redirected to my site now in blog, is basically a day to update the 4-5, and the PR2 rating on the new site for my update in April 2nd, the value of stable April 4th pr.

has a friend who comes up with his idea that the problem of reorientation is 301. Personally, I don’t think that’s the reason. You’re using virtual space, and you can’t execute the commands on the server at all. It’s impractical. There are friends that do not worry, is Baidu’s test period, but by checking the information I found the test period is 2 months, but when the mass is supposed to be included, but Baidu is large-scale yesterday included, or along my included, is actually a collection of 100 pages. The day before yesterday, Baidu included 54 pages, today found that it is 158 pages, the update is very large, my friend standing in the World blog was also greatly updated Baidu included. What specific reasons, we have to wait and talk, which friend, if you know, would like to exchange, thank you!


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