100% successfully apply for Google accounts earn

now has a lot of people claim to be able to apply for Google generation in Adsense account, in fact, there are many are liars, generally through the intermediary of Admin5 is the most secure, Taobao is also good, but remember that now apply for Google Adsense account up to as long as a week, over this time is certainly not. In fact, Google Adsense is not so difficult. Now the domestic application very strict investigation, what type of site not less than half a year, corn, many restrictions. Then what do we do?

in foreign countries but not these. If you have a foreign server, com, net, org and other top-level domain, it is easy to find. English touch version is the best source. An article of course data acquisition station, or the need for a change, this is the truth. If the garbage station can not find the place and don’t want to buy it, I recommend using the 5ucms, released English articles, all Chinese backstage management, 5UCMS system is very good. The station almost. Then with the European and American high anonymous proxy submitted in google.com/adsense/login/en_US/ here, if you want 100% pass quickly, it should be in the choice of countries the selection of USA or other countries, remember USA and Canada and other countries in Europe and America is to deduct tax, 30% dollars, then how to make money? In u8881 Chinz, many stations have provided collection services to any name You go to Baidu search, collection, will come out a lot, of course, still need to find a reputable person help you collect. The collection will generally require the Commission 5%-15%, they receive a check, deduct fees will send you back home. As long as you can receive a payment, then you can change the state of.

if there is no foreign server, how to do com meters? I advise you to buy a foreign space for a top-level domain, now foreign space the cheapest 1G space only a few dozen or so, plus a top meters, a total of less than 100 blocks, but your income is at least ten times or more, to know the foreign price of a IP is at least 10 times at home, not to mention the high class station is a few dollars, keywords, as long as you have foreign traffic, a month less also thousands of dollars.

How come the flow of foreign

? Let me think of making friends stand task I do before, European and American developed countries, improve the social security system, so there are a lot of foreigners all love to chat on the Internet, and in the minds of foreigners, Chinese is a very mysterious country, the China girls are generally of great interest. We have to do is stand on these friends, posing as a girl, to guide them to our English station, the same can be induced to foreigners, they will download FIREFOX or you build a English MM station, hang Google Adsense advertising, because it is English, so also has many benefits.

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