Fat man stationmaster should understand three kinds of Enlightenment

04 I began to learn computer, 10 years in the Internet industry, in November 10 to SEO officially, and become a webmaster, a kind of people who like crazy SEO, where moon is the complete learning SEO for a month without knowledge, just listen to the operation type, so growth is very slow, the Chinese new year for a long time did not go home in Beijing, with understanding about seo. Where exactly is the road? If you don’t realize it, discover what you are learning now, what you are looking at is just floating clouds. You can only see the success of others, and you will always follow suit. As a webmaster, anyway, you are inseparable from life, inseparable from the community, so their experience out of the three kinds of awareness to share with you, let us refer to.

what I have learned is not perception, nor comprehension, but the realization of the mind. In a new word, you understand.

1, to myself: God has given us a kind of wisdom is realized! We should make good use of this kind of understanding, understand the world from a complex society, the myriads of changes, to the virtual Internet, webmaster friends should be a good understanding of yourself is lost too much also is getting too much. If you lose too much, you should leave the industry. If you get too much, you should help the industry and make a contribution to the industry. There are two words of mind, so it’s important to maintain a normal state of mind.

2, to others: now what are people together, you will I pay for you to do, you can’t, you pay me to do, after all a personal power is too small, so often his gratitude. But now a lot of people more and more the pursuit of material things to shake off the beast, the fox practice millennium is fine for adults, people do not know to cherish the people as great, so you don’t go to slander others, improve their self-cultivation. Here, realize the word "thanksgiving", pay a total return, do not pay, certainly no return.

3, Wu friends: relatives, friends for me, is the true love, is the most touching, the most precious! No poly feast, but today, so we need to understand cherish love is true. Sharpen your opponent and don’t take the actual route.

maybe it doesn’t matter to SEO, but you have to understand: SEO is actually simple, simple and difficult to imagine. SEO is difficult and difficult for you to master, so it’s important to say a word of awareness. And you know the "fat man: SEO is" 10 sec so optimization for you is very simple.

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