f there is no webmaster the nternet will lose a lot of wonderful

is from low to high, the life is from the lack of facilities to the rich, this is the process of development, but if the rich to lack from the low back to a lower will be unable to imagine, this is an irreversible process. Now the Internet provides a lot of convenience for us, the network makes the earth become a village, increasingly close contacts between people, life is more and more convenient, people are already familiar with and enjoy the present mode of life, this is a new era of the rhythm of life.

, but the recent Internet has disappointed many netizens. The "rectification movement" in the network has spread to many people, and has brought a lot of inconvenience to Internet users. A lot of websites are shut, website cannot be landed, seriously affected the normal life of the user. It is understandable that the Department concerned has cracked down on illegal websites, but it has been implicated in many formal websites, which has led to the closure of innocent websites. More and more BT website was closed; more and more personal website is closed, the Internet webmaster jittery amidst the winds of change.

the number of webmasters in China is more than one million. If more websites are closed, it will undoubtedly affect the user’s normal access to the internet. Originally can swim the network, absorb information, but become a lot of Web site can’t log on, life is bound to be affected. What can we do if there is no network? Back to the beginning of 80s,


webmaster website only provides a platform for users to share and communicate, if not this platform, users of the relevant departments across the board, decide on what path to follow? Although also avoids the adverse effects of some illegal websites, but also affected the normal life of network users. If the owners of the site has been closed, the user where to download video, where to look, where comments, understand the story where the streets and lanes…… Without Internet, life would be very bad and inconvenient.

The bbs.admin5.com

A5 forum has become the "fish", because the same room found illegal information website, cause the whole room closed, regardless of what you do website, formal or not have been forced to shut down. No. 8 from six pm until 9, 1 in the afternoon, the forum are unable to access the state, many members of advisory "when forum can be opened?", we do not have the exact reply, we also notice. The A5 forum is a forum, users only hundreds of millions of Internet users in the webmaster group, has brought so inconvenient, not to mention some common user oriented websites, there must be more affected by the user.

the two day online to see many users complained that the information is the voice of the people ", but in the face of tough measures to the relevant departments, the webmaster can do what? Water boat can capsize, bustling network cannot do without the webmaster hard work, so the remediation network environment, the webmaster is really miserable. After the tough off just palliatives, rectify, bad sites or so may pay the regular site a stirring among the dry bones, a few days off station price, still did not reach the expected target, the so-called "rectification" but is useless. >

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