Only bad teachers can discuss the content system of websites from Sasu

lying in bed, enjoy reading Sasu’s "dignity is not free", holding the book suddenly thought that Sasu’s history book written in the history of the theme is the Anti Japanese war are politically correct "main melody", but why those experts say zhengjinweizuo things let people at a distance; Sasu an amateur game player ziyuzile, of Tinker out blog (not very formal, very grassroots publishing, communication) has been more and more people love heart, continue to recommend to friends and family (complete with Baidu search engineer Lee said "the user or a web site sincerely recommend" standard) and a red, is how many years?


Sasu from Japan information found in "mine warfare" precious historical materials (network picture)

I got lost in deep thought.

indeed, Sasu said the eastern most of what the experts say, but he speaks very boring, lifeless; but Sasu? The same content but only obstacle path, combined with their own advantages in Japan for many years, watching the war from the Japanese historical data, in the form of telling the story, his right, not only the theme of the novel, a lot of fresh historical anecdotes, details, and to tell the story of the tone, not only closer to readers, but also more interesting, let the dead history come alive, so much for readers.

such as the "Burma line Osaka soldiers" one article, interesting plot of those doing business in Osaka, the "imperial" fight at outrance on the battlefield, in the past is difficult to be included in the official history of the history of a solemn but Sasu is from Japan, which sort out these historical data in the brutal battlefield of Osaka "imperial" soldiers in order to survive, on the battlefield The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea resorted to all kinds of business, fantastic, people laughing.

There is no denying the fact that

, looking for Sasu from the Japanese historical thinking method of thinking in his success in the war played a key role, but have to remind owners, SEOER is now more and more Adsense, SEOER constantly emphasize only once and for all skills, for example, some Adsense shortcuts (SEOER or even deliberately whole will Chinese into a fiddle English, from English translated the so-called "pseudo original").

but a red Sasu for so many years, not just the right way now – it should be said that he only used a unique form of skills to build their own unique blog contents and narrative style, and through this unique blog contents and narrative style to better reflect their own "blog core value" content.

take the Burma front "Osaka soldiers", Sasu was not written for "fun", he by those in the brutal battle to "profiteers" faces of Osaka "imperial" soldiers of various people fantastic "profiteers" behavior, reveals not only in war Chinese is completely the disaster in Japan, civilians also.

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