My website is 2500 P a month Why not 30 calls

today, a customer asked me: "my website (not disclose website, home improvement industry) a month into 2500 IP, why not 30 phone ah?". I read his website and say my own opinions on the phone. Here’s a brief summary:

1, the amount of this consultation or not according to your keyword relevance, landing pages and other related decisions, enter your web site and if your business is not relevant, come off, certainly not to call, but also from the Guan Jian word other web page settings, rarely, and in the business of Guan Jian words certainly in addition, the 2500 flow, from where I do not know, is search over, or come from other irrelevant places, there is a strong regional industries, if you are in Guangzhou, for instance, but the flow is coming from other provinces and cities, natural no consultation, and the traffic is too much, but on the back of the web search engine promotion (unfavorable came in off the page browsing amount is too small, the search engine that will reduce the content and user experience for you. Points) our own web site, about 1300 per month of IP, but the amount of consultation, including the average phone in about 150.


2, in case the website looks tall, products are very high, so the general clients, unless only the high-end market, or the need to re regulate the content, this type of customer is small, looking for cooperation in the Internet and even less, is not the site location problem ah. You know, the decoration industry is very competitive, if the location is wrong, for the operation of the company is a big trouble, I really love this word for a position, saying it is married, your products and services to meet your users psychological and feelings, needs to have more room for cooperation.

3, the user experience is so bad, open this station first sight, do not know what this station is, what to do. Enter the station one can not find the North feeling, text is made of transparent background, the website of the customer is very cool, with a lot of JQ, but I was in the home a few, all points can’t, reason is not the version of IE is not high enough, so I understand the network do not know how to start, not to mention your customers, this time I actually want to shut the station to go, I was impatient to see me down. In addition, the picture is too large, the overall site picture occupies more than half of the open site is too slow, the user jumped out rate is estimated high. The word "flashy" is especially useful on this website.

4, contact is very small, very artistic, I can not find the first time, this site has no online QQ, must contact the phone, and some customers prefer online chat. Should be LOGO, but put a message in this, you really want to find nobody in the above message, and browsing habits, although customers in Hongkong branch, but it is not necessary that Hongkong will move over the former website interface, the navigation on the left side, who is not accustomed to.

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