Portal survival

, and so on, the quality of users is not high:

has been in the industry portal for years. Website construction, and began to do promotion, ranking, do optimization, waiting for users to register, send information, engage in, found that no way out, if the light here, waiting for the user is not good. Even if you have a good ranking and traffic, you can not make money. Look at the registered users on your website. Many of them are small factories, or they belong to enterprises that send information online. In the industry does not have any aspect of the enterprise. No industry has a certain influence on the enterprise. Moreover, many users just register and run and never come again. The registered users are only too few. It wastes a few bytes of database and doesn’t work at all.

two, customer oriented, proactive:

goes out and attracts business like a chicken. Run to the factory and talk to them and talk to them. Do not believe that you have good rankings, they know you, in fact, many enterprises know you are some bosses subordinate. Must let the boss know you! Get a brush IP IP let the boss feel thousands of your site traffic on your site registration will bring him a lot of business! In fact many bosses don’t do the Internet, or simply do not know Baidu and GOOGLE. Is that he does not know the details, than our webmaster their understanding of the network is still relatively retarded! You said that there are thousands of IP your site every day he may not understand! You said that there are thousands of people visit your site every day, he must be surprised! (webmaster is to do the same with the God. Demonize yourself, let the boss think you in the network equal to anything.


three, free services to enhance the impact:

at first we can use the free way to attract them to the active site, let the well-known enterprises enter and can even give them free advertising! If it will point to find a few foreign friends call him to say you from the Internet to see who Moumou ask price and so on, finally put him push is


four, enterprise survival, multi point combination:

we can’t wait for advertising fees and membership fees. This profit model is basically impossible in the early days. Must go deep into this business and become integrated with the industry. Learn to walk back two leg through the network propaganda itself, the other leg to run to the industry and people talk! If they have what it takes, such as a corporate website, make a ranking of what Baidu promotion, YAHOO bidding, bidding, feed themselves from the middle to earn money to start by ranking! And flow to eat, to industry website is only until the industry website tell some fantastic tales! There are many active users, and every one of you is very understanding, very familiar with you have a chance to sleep, wearing slippers to make money.

five, establish industry brand:

At the beginning of the

, we met the user and said, "we’re the XX industry portal."

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