Talking about the experience of novice station building and suggestions for novice webmaster

said, to learn web production has more than a month, first learned HTML, and then DREAMWEAVER operation, and CSS. When it comes to talk about DIV/XHTML+CSS CSS since before did not learn the way of the table layout, so DIV/HTML+CSS is not bound to learn those restrictions and fetters, pretty smooth, this is the way, not to mention the table.

I’m a freshman now. I have a lot of blood for a young man. A web page, a Jiyang, wrote a station, although the station is completely static, but is his hobby. Write up a passion, finished immediately to buy virtual host domain name and entry level, but things are often not passion can be resolved, to tell the truth, how many people are willing to go to a static station? For me, I will not go once again, this time I still have a little bit of energy, but the record when prompted by others by my domain name information, although online listen to people say, there are better prepared to save people, my heart is still a little worried, then more than 1 weeks Baidu is not included, let me blow.

at this time, I have a friend asked me if I want to work together, a post for 80 stations, I asked him the theme of the web ah. How to plan the like, feel the head, I promise. My friend has no technology, has the idea, and a little e-commerce foundation, fall to the end, technical or I do, he gave me one hundred pieces, let me upgrade my original space.

had the last lesson, and I installed the CMS directly. With a little understanding of HTML and CSS, turn left, change right, until almost satisfied.

then selected several young people love the column began to add content, most of the content is reproduced, then slowly write something original, well now facing the record of this cruel fact, it is said that this type of website for the record is very troublesome, after changing a page for the record again in return for this would be a way. But I am strange, since I want to do one thing really well, I will do it real. I use this content to go to the record, once I can not, two times, two times can not, I three times, no longer, I called the communications bureau to ask him to do it, is to adhere to the website. Have patience, this is my philosophy, but also the broad masses of the concept of the station, the record process when it is a test of patience for me, ha ha.

I’ve joined an advertising alliance, a little bit of my opinion about user experience. There’s too much advertising. The pattern of the ad is too far to go. More or less affect the user’s visual experience. Finally, I pulled a small banner ad, is to earn some extra money, although not earn much, but see the union account more than a few cents, more or less a bit excited. Hey。

to, I like this novice webmaster will headache problem is promotion, our website is called 8>

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