Prospects for film stations

now charge movie website is not popular, and free movie website is advertising rampant, if no ads without charge, the website background is unable to continue, so now the movie website development toward a low ebb, as before the famous movie website "century front" and "TK4479" these movies and advertising, and less site to now become the web, and those who did not use the charging sites are advertising to death, but also with the unsafe factors, so to sum up now is not a movie website, personal bid and match those big movie website website the movie channel, some local sites, such as QQ broadcast, telecommunication interconnection starry sky theater, and so on, these with no charge and low advertising website also squeeze the man across your network Stand? If you insist on developing and success, it depends on your personal ability and business acumen. My small station ( welcome everybody to leave a message, exchange 2008 movie station how should develop,


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