From the guest groups continue to expand at Amoy website Survival Guide


yesterday in my spare time, I saw a news article, the article said that in 2016 the line store closings, such as Giordano, BELLE, Lining, even when McDonald’s businesses are in the past two years, many closed the store. What does the closed store mean? In my opinion, the substantial closure of the store means that a fundamental change has taken place in traditional shopping patterns.

users with traditional shopping behavior, makes the shop flow line greatly reduced, when the flow conversion of the actual income and expenditure ratio have a serious gap, so the major brands have reduced the line under the store’s move is not surprising and surprised.

because the merchant’s market behavior is always changing as the user’s behavior changes.

from the changes in user shopping behavior, to merchants switch online shop behavior changes, we can draw online shopping groups and online shopping online shop is also expanding. With these changes, the guest groups and websites synchronous increase in Amoy is what makes sense.


Tao Ming, is the Internet shoppers to Amoy things, we can also call for online shoppers. Amoy has two common, namely the whole network to find the goods they need, and then to the most affordable price to buy needed goods, this process is actually the process of "Tao". Taobao guest website on better understanding, is to satisfy the demand of the Amoy shopping site, Taobao customers have the same two points, one is affordable, two is the variety of goods.

so that the supply and demand of the two has been formed, the same, the market has formed, but also a very large market. But the bigger the market, the stronger the competition, and the speed of the market from blue to red must be pretty fast. Then how should the merchant seize the brief window period?


can achieve rapid drainage is the most important factor for the survival of Taobao’s guest site.

businesses understand, the number of guest with the change of traditional shopping behavior is increased in the geometry of numbers, but with the rise of all kinds of shopping APP, according to a number of male veteran electric and Taobao off site not increase, Taobao guest website wants to survive in the cracks, the channels through which the drainage is this kind of webmaster have to to think of the problem.

so, here is a test of the whole team to promote drainage ability, the author of a friend, do a few years of Taobao guest website, he is now the business hall of CEO, he shared with me is the main method of the following:

1, WeChat / WeChat public number

a WeChat can add 5000 people, one to two accounts can be directly covered 10000 people, then a five small team, through WeChat can directly cover 100 thousand plus users, daily use WeChat public products to write some soft Wen, believe there is a concentration of extrapolation, >

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