Taobao parasitic web site do intentions of several pseudo garbage station experience

has done so long web site, also come to Admin5 to see so many times, really is a lot of emotion. As a personal station, including joy, mixed, but overall, or a failed attempt. made up guest promotion activities since I joined, and the following story.

from a year ago, I saw the domain name trading is very hot, so they put in, and spent some money, registered a pile of garbage domain name. And now, the names of several websites are registered at that time. When using high price to buy a three miscellaneous.Cn domain, was ecstatic for quite a while, but slowly, I feel that the domain name of this thing, although the shorter, the better remember the higher value, but if there is no strong website as the background support, so everything was equal to 0. To this, and I don’t want to add one hundred dollars to sell their domain name, the feeling was pure Daomaidaomai, do not love too. So I began to do stand learning.

by the early years of a little bit can be ignored in the computer basic skills, starting from ASP, slowly made their own navigation station of an industry, also is the time to see a lot of Admin5, said the navigation station is not good to do that, his first works, it is not perfect, so it you put up with appreciation. Then I heard that PHP seems a little better than ASP, and its functions are more diversified, so I learned PHP again. The study book is called PHP5 and MySQL5 Web development technology detailed, this book is very thick, but not bad. Here also said the first experience, if you learn the language, or PHP a little better, although ASP easy to get started, but in many cases, PHP function feel a bit more powerful. Slowly PHP also learned, and then try to do a picture class web site, online picture processing, forced by some algorithm problems (algorithm, in fact, is not understand some formula), and slowly gave up. At this time, with some JavaScript things, slowly know Ajax, in fact, these two things are not difficult, I bought this book is "JavaScript" the return of the king, the book is also good. But learning failed, and the station failed again. But the PHP base hit.

suddenly learned that at this time, launched Amoy promotion, is to help the shopkeeper push commodity Commission policy. And they began to set up the first truly can run the station,, this is the first to spend 200 to buy, look good, use it, so I began to learn CSS and div, this time with the book did not say, because div and CSS this thing, just look this book can be based, div have to rely on practice to solve the problem. Here is the second language learning experience, there must be a book in hand, like English, have to check out from time to time, to deepen the impression of them.

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