Write about how you’ve been standing for a year

on ADMIN5 for a long time, each time is to look at individual articles, there are passionate, but also disheartened, sigh, read so much. Also want to talk about my own learning to stand so long a little bit of feelings. Pure belong to saliva words, no writing level, belong to that kind of "radish saw board", not a few saw (sentence) "


I do stand, all by means of interest. Also did not want to make much money from it, because I own positioning is accurate, webmaster online so many webmaster. A lot of technology is higher than me, promote active thinking more than I was, but his own reflection, really in the network through their own station to feed themselves, or even buy a car in the end there are several individual stationmaster? So, I think it is of interest than what is important. Brag, huh?. Just smile.

I switched from a hardcore Online Gamer a year ago to learning how to stand. I think many people go to college. Buying a computer is considered a game machine, and I’m no exception. When any online game is a monster upgrade. Then, bored with PK, I find playing games more and more boring. This time. Inadvertently see the already dilapidated "ASP entry and improvement", from this book began, I feel more interesting than playing games. From the book to learn the knowledge of a simple page, miscellaneous look uncomfortable. Mixed look, miscellaneous, suppress, twist. I’ve been looking for the related tutorials and materials everywhere on the Internet, and I’ve noticed ADMIN5 in a lot of detail. I’ve seen a lot of articles here, especially those passionate articles. I just feel. The Internet is full of gold. Just move two dollars and get married and have children. Also found here, do not necessarily have to write your own web site procedures. So many CMS, so many mature BBS programs. It brightened my eyes. Feel for yourself. Site is not so high, can not be measured. Also here, let me have more passion, I started the first site, say, do it. Chose what everyone thought was a popular movie to do. I chose a "ACTCMS" CMS, registered a 1 yuan to buy the 512p.cn domain name. Started a "512P cinema", mainly to provide thunder movie download. When you modify this CMS. Every day from the big forums. Especially from "movie paradise", a lot of film resources have come. This has to thank the "ACTCMS" creative: left bank. It has been a great help to me. When Baidu is included every day. The maximum included 5000 pages. When the traffic reaches 2500IP per day. I felt that way. Doing stand miscellaneous is so easy, I never wrote the soft Wen promotion. I’ve never been a QQ mass. When Ali’s mom just came out. On Ali’s mother’s advertisement. Also done, such as: MOP, thunder, and there are several edge ball advertising alliance. Also once a month record revenue to 900 yuan. I didn’t know the money was mixed. I thought it was too easy. The network really can make money, but in the happy time, ask >!

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