For purchase intention analysis CNTV COM

May 4th 18 PM CEO ylmf Lai Linfeng posted a message on QQ: "micro-blog CNTV.COM back! Thank China renamed balls help!", the news immediately caused a heated discussion in the circle of. Most people focused their attention on the acquisition price, the intentions of the acquisition and the takeover of the cctv. Prior to this, ylmf would generous acquisition of,,,, domain name, price in more than one hundred thousand digits. From Lai Lin Feng wantonly acquisition of domain name is spread, other brands are not only for the industry to attract more attention, to the concern of risk investment. domain name whois screenshot

ylmf intentions by leveraging the domain name connections

website home speculation, ylmf high-profile acquisition of domain name, and not as common as minon just as the sale of investments. From the rainforest brand diversification of the road of development, the acquisition of domain names are for strategic needs. From the domain name investment theory, Lai Linfeng’s name is all hard currency, if the sale of the basic can not lose, but then Lai Linfeng is not bad money buying a large number of domain name, should not in order to make this little money, must be good that once sold, but the rainforest do lose money in business, if we can analyze the rainforest the acquisition is who can probably see why will lose money, the following must be good together, only personal views:

1. acquisition of domain name is the operating system software industry giant Microsoft

if you know the history of rainforest people will know that the success of Lai Linfeng because of the early modified XP system, but also because XP modify the head, see the fall of tomato garden, the development of other rainforest rapid transition to the Internet application. Now the forest do XP modifications, independent research and development of the open source operating system based on Linux platform, and the acquisition of a springboard to use as a back injury to men inflicted by evil persons to jump to the official website of the. This move not to Microsoft can not, can be said that the forest standing on the shoulders of giants to climb the giant on the head to look at the scenery, we see Microsoft in the development of the Internet is not what contribution, so Microsoft has always been on the domain name is not sharp, or a search engine should not find a "Bing" (Biliang and Bing is a word, ha ha). Lai Linfeng is really where you fall, up from there, this spirit seems to be in order to prove, from the ability to modify the rainforest with independent research and development, to create the wind slowly Lai Lin Feng Real corporate image, the past just play, now to the really big dry.

2. acquisition of domain name is an Internet application giant Tencent

Tencent has always been a public enemy in the field of the internet. Rainforests are now developing 115.>

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