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entrepreneurship, in simple terms, one is the choice, and the other is the implementation.

first, Entrepreneurship: choose to be cautious,

founded more than two years, 20 small teams of several people, in 2007, when I joined the car family team, it is still in the early stages of entrepreneurship. That year, the car’s home revenue is only 10 million. Fortunately, after we chose to make a car website, the car home just caught up with the high growth period of China’s automobile.

in 1988, Ma Yun, 24, graduated from Hangzhou Normal University and was assigned to teach at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology. At that time, more than 500 graduates of Hangzhou Normal University, Ma is the only one to be assigned to the university undergraduate students, the other are divided into secondary school teaching. At that time, the reform and opening up has been 10 years, people’s thinking is active, will no longer scarce so-called "iron rice bowl", and more emphasis on how to make money. Ma Yun is active in the school is a name, in order to prevent Ma Yun had other ideas, but also to set a good example for the school, was the Vice Chancellor of the Hangzhou Normal University, Huang Shumeng and Ma Yun developed a "about 5 years" to the school 5 years away.

now more and more young people have the idea of entrepreneurship, but many young people feel that entrepreneurship is a very simple thing, the group team, do products, financing, opportunistic listing. But to pursue the industry selection, operation mode and other issues in more detail, I believe there will be more than 50% entrepreneurs will beat a retreat, a lot of things they don’t want to understand.

made cars in 2012 90% Internet entrepreneurs will die in the starting line, there are 10% "half-dead". The reason is that this period, China’s passenger car market growth has entered a period of micro growth, China’s automobile Internet pattern has also been determined.

the same applies to other industries. For example, a few years ago more popular group buying, and now, such as the mobile internet. Whether you choose where to start, "sooner rather than later".

Ma Yun did not want to live up to the expectations of the old leader, so he readily agreed. During his teaching at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology, Ma was a lecturer in English and international trade. Ma Yun had a way of teaching, he does not love him more rigid What I say goes. teaching, hope students can actively grasp the knowledge. So, Ma Yun in the classroom from lack of laughter, the students are very in love with Ma Yun’s class, Ma Yun class often All seats are occupied.


at the same time, he launched an English corner in West Lake and slowly gained some fame in the field of translation. At that time, the national economy developed rapidly, and in Hangzhou and the whole country, both English and business people are scarce. There are more and more private enterprises doing foreign trade business in Hangzhou, and more and more demand for translation services. So many bosses made him an English interpreter. But at that time he could only do part-time jobs and not full-time, because he and the old president’s "5 year appointment" has not yet expired.

and toil

in most people’s eyes, the entrepreneurial team is the most bitter. Even some entrepreneurial management team advocates, only pay more efforts than competitors to succeed. Yes, but I think it’s more important for an entrepreneurial team to make employees happy.

‘s elements of business success are often the choice of vision and the insistence on never giving up. In other words, how to find a fast growing, potential market and how to develop rapidly in this market?. In a word, if the entrepreneur wants to succeed, then choose to do the right thing and try to do the right thing.

as the richest man in China at present, Ma Yun, his first venture as a translation agency experience is quite legendary". How hard it was to start a business! In order to feed the translation agency, Ma Yun carried the sacks to Yiwu for wholesale purchase, and Ma Yun often carried large sacks full of small handicrafts on the streets of Hangzhou. In order to make more money, Ma has even done more than a year of drugs and medical equipment salesman. In order to promote products, he traveled all the small and medium-sized hospitals and individual clinics in Hangzhou. Ma used the income of these small businesses to keep the translation company running. These experiences tell readers that the road to entrepreneurship is difficult and that only those who do not give up will have the chance to succeed.

entrepreneurship project selection

lead: Ma’s first pioneering experience as a translation agency is quite legendary". In order to support the translation agency, Ma carrying sacks to Yiwu by train wholesale purchase, and even do more than a year of drugs and medical equipment sales.

this article extracts from "Ma Yun who wears cloth shoes" Author: Wang Lifen,

Ma Yun has cherished the career of teaching in those colleges and universities over the past few years. Today, Ma has turned into a successful entrepreneur, but he was a big businessman


second, entrepreneurial team

first, * * * sooner rather than later.

shoes electricity supplier Zappos President Xie Jiahua in "three pair of shoes", "you buy a pair of shoes, I send three double try", to bring users convenience and pleasure, the result is the ultimate user experience and true loyalty. What he really advocated was ">"

entrepreneurial choice, entrepreneurs need to keep a clear head.

first, the industry, China’s huge consumer market, entrenched hundreds of thousands of industries. Choose the industry, we must grasp the cycle of changes in the industry. Take a simple example, 08 years, China’s passenger car market share ranked first in the world, China’s Internet market is also ranked first in the world before. At this stage, the choice is to do Internet car as sure as a gun.

The United States proposed

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