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"I don’t want to be a star."." Feng Xin felt that personal publicity was pointless and that the help to the company was indirect.

Abstract: Feng Xin believes that man is a change, and every three or five years there will be a big change, and even overthrow himself. From the listing to now, more than 300 days time, Feng Xin’s biggest change is that there is a "WTO accession" attitude, "I care about others."". He said, "entrepreneurship is a lot of people, people are more and more tolerant.".

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since March 24, 2015 storm technology listed, continuous trading board Feng Xin has become a topic, "star."". The entrepreneur pays attention to him, PE pays attention to him, even the most ordinary people also talk about him. Once, the heat can be compared with him, perhaps only Alibaba founder Jack Ma and music founder Jia Yueting.

Feng Xin rarely drive, more love in the car up to listen to music and mail back to work, sometimes looking through the circle of friends and the news. When the collapsar "Highway Song" came from the Jaguar XF car stereo, Feng Xin follow them up. He felt like he was singing, "desperate to walk on the road."."

celebrity can indirectly bring some benefits to the company, such as easier to recruit people, he said he completed the storm blueprint is the most difficult to find the right people more. Some entrepreneurs, also in the success of the company IPO or valuation reached billions or even billions of dollars, began to enter various occasions about entrepreneurial experience, increase the company’s exposure. But Feng Xin rarely does, and feels that things are too boring for him. "So many people teach success, and I do not lack one."."

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Feng Xin is starting to wear hair.

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however, the listing has really changed Feng Xin’s life. In addition to the company, he has to care about the stock price, which is in the interest of the shareholders. This is a responsibility, so that he can not be capricious to say leave, left.

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"bald heads are always easy to recognize."." The storm’s CEO touched its hair and said it had not been cut since new year’s day in 2016. Before the iconic head has slowly grown buzz.

his schedule was filled with assistants. In January 18th 4 in the afternoon, the plane was a straight alley in Dongsishitiao, here is a he was preparing for the opening of the teahouse, where about an important guest, and then the second day he went to see Pan Shiyi et al. Although he has been flying for more than 50 hours in 4 days with little sleep, Feng Xin looks energetic and may be involved in his meditation.

started working as a sophomore, and Feng Xin liked rock and roll. Zhang Chu, Zheng Jun, Dou Wei, these are his collapsar, love. "I was most proud of the day when the rock foundation was founded and felt like I never surrendered."

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