Discussion on the optimization of several Shanghai dragon in the implementation of the drawbacks

talked about the benefits and advantages of Shanghai dragon, naturally it is necessary to talk about the Shanghai dragon optimization points during the execution of the drawbacks.


for the optimization of keywords ranking: the search engine algorithm may not reveal to the public, otherwise it will be another figure of people to use, damage the environment of internet. At present, the popular Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the tutorial is Shanghai dragon predecessors after gradually find search engine habits, no official said, no optimization method completely correct Shanghai dragon. It is also because the search engine algorithm of uncertainty, so that the website of Shanghai dragon optimization keyword ranking cannot be determined in a certain position, only analysis of the degree of competition for targeted keywords can be raised to roughly estimate the keywords which a range of. When the search engine update algorithm, keywords ranking is also likely to "Moon" or "fall".


is attached to Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization method and survive in the search engine, but with its advantages in the webmaster be sought after heat, must have its irresistible charm. Earlier, the author also briefly introduces the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Why do the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization for 5 reasons: 1. from the search engine to obtain the flow of high quality; 2. to make the site easy to use, enhance the user experience; 3. long-term effective means of promotion; 4. scalability; high ratio of 5.

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for the website optimization work: Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon means search engine optimization, and the optimization is obviously based on the search engine. When the search engine to update the ranking algorithm, Shanghai dragon optimization work will need to update and adjust with the search engine optimization work details of Shanghai dragon. Such as search engine and range change work can be small, when the search engine to fine tune the algorithm, perhaps the ongoing Shanghai Longfeng optimization without changing. But when the search engine update algorithm, may work in Shanghai Longfeng past all will reinvent the wheel.



In addition

1. uncertainty.

Shanghai dragon as network promotion, marketing is popular in recent years in the world of webmaster, more and more attention by industry practitioners. One is the relative pay most of the traditional marketing mode in default costs, the two is obviously relative to the traditional method in effect on free promotion.


mentioned the site keywords ranking often because the search engine update and have greater volatility, which is inevitable. When the key words get good rankings, it is not once and for all. Get ranked after Shanghai dragon er must also continue to work before the optimization to ensure a stable ranking, because in addition to its search engine algorithm updates, competitors will also squeeze your ranking behind.

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