Adhere to the original update in the second sea is not a legend

fifth, to more than four, especially third to three months.

The word

is not a particularly difficult, difficult to do only one, is fifth:

station has more than three years, in the past three years can be summed up in the course of my head with a word: as a typical failure, are very successful. To do about seven or eight stations, is currently running the blog is There remained but a single one.. During this station host, theme, site layout structure changed numerous times, each is nothing, until recently realized the frequent replacement of the theme of the host and harm, the last three months is no longer on the theme of the site is updated, while optimizing the structure of the site, get rid of the wild drag JS and advertising effectiveness and share of resources, and then began to adhere to the original update, every day more than 2 pieces of pure original article, originally expected to persist for three months to see results, but it only made more than 20 days have effect, soon today issued an article, had found that included speed in seconds of the standard close to love Shanghai the. Above:

has been reflected in my station, really some surprises, quiet look back, that love is not Shanghai seconds is difficult, as long as you can do the following.

love Shanghai included time:

first, keep the stability of the site visit, this is the core power of the seconds, not this one, the other is Arabian Nights, spiders never love a frequently unable to access the site.

second, optimize the structure of the site — not for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but the optimization of the user, the entire site structure should be clear and precise, not out of order. Remove the useless JS and flash links, which will let users buckle your site,


third, adhere to the original update, every day at least a pseudo original — now has become more and more difficult, the higher of the spider, pseudo original recognition and so the original is the kingly way.

In fact, the

in this world, the most easy to do is only to do a thing, the most difficult to do is to do one thing every day, want to understand this truth, in fact, love is the second Shanghai – Shanghai love shoudaoqinlai keynote is to provide high-quality content search.

fourth, do the link, including the chain and chain, the chain do not link to the site to ensure that out of order, link to your station and outbound links to the site are stable (can not particularly good, but at least stable).

let spider buckle your website

has long been understood to love Shanghai seconds, but always thought it was a legend for me, the so-called legend, is always happen to someone else.

Even the legend of the

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