Holiday surge word search potential two holiday special page making


B analysis:

A, home of the ten position, the way cattle accounted for three positions, love Shanghai three products (not considered), other sites have four, respectively Sina leisurely travel, tourism, tourism Lotour, the hornet’s nest, making thematic pages of the site has 4, only a leisurely travel a list of pages, and can be seen as the heart website ranking is in front.



Lotto Tourism: no classification, pure graphic recommendation, column classification according to the traditional classification, no unique, comprehensive layout, 4 screen

4 screen layout Special show in the form of five sites,

classification (navigation areas and attractions classification) + recommendation (photo) + recommended list (text), the relatively large amount of information, the layout of the 6 screen

1, a contrastive study of the site of several major Qingming tourism "project

Sina: Sina tourism tourism advantage lies in its platform and interaction, which the article recommend the excellent blog blog sites, different from other sites in its joined micro-blog interactive,

C, Shanghai dragon related settings

a, a H label, mainly from the web page code keywords important position layout layout

In front of the

leisurely travel: a simple list page, without making special layout, 2 screen

to introduce the "festival of soaring word search potential: analysis of" Qingming tourism keywords, the response is also good, people think the main reason is because everyone for such practical analysis of the demand is relatively high, although the analysis is not deep, but I believe it can give us some inspiration thinking, certainly hope that the keywords to be able to help you more mining customer needs the. Keywords mining customer demand, in fact, many of my friends have its own way, this kind of thinking I might just a small aspect, yesterday with a friend, but also learned a method is to rely on search to love Shanghai mining, of course the setting method in a small skill here, after I finished the test again and share results.

mining is a key to retain customers by keywords, is one of the main festivals for the thematic pages to elaborate, the special page not only in Shanghai Longfeng accords with the needs of the search engine, the user experience will bring into good, this is also a question I want to talk to you today discussion: holiday special page making.

hornet’s Nest: small fresh feeling, the picture of his recommended attractions more beautiful, not in accordance with the traditional classification, completely from the recommendation for users, more than 10 screen pictures more

The use of Tuniu network:

tuniu network: not using H1, using 10 H2 and 11 H>

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