A web site for a long time development needs to do what Shanghai Longfeng work

optimization has become now a marketing strategy and the lowest cost effect is indispensable in the industry, one of the highest means of marketing, it can make the industry a rapidly changing market, can rapidly increase the attention of the crowd, to achieve a more people can pay more attention to this information for a purpose. I believe that many Shanghai dragon Er are all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization it involves is very extensive, it needs to continue to pay, continue to improve. Because we all know that the search engine with each update, the algorithm will have some changes, those after we successfully optimized site may even disappear in the standings after the search engine update. However, the author is a website today to share with you long development and is not afraid to change some of the search engine algorithm of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work, hope to help you master.

(two) share the release of high quality articles.

no matter what is the need to have the right plan, so is the site. So we need to correct in earlier stage with your own web site to the needs of planning, so as to lay the foundation for the work of good days after the site in the search engine optimization, and give your own web site set reasonable goals. Because the only way we can be better to focus on our website industry and some relevant keywords ranking. In order to better analyze, such as website of the well-known brand, and related products of some description, category and so on a series of work. Another is that we do in web design must be as far as possible to make our website static, or not conducive to search engine spiders crawling, it is difficult to get a good ranking, and we also need reasonable structure internal links to web site has density, because the key to these for our website weight is very. After all, a web site that is composed of a page. Of course, have to mention there is a site map, it will be better to let the spider crawling our website, grab the most novel content, users can also better, so that a good part of the map optimization is very important Oh

(a) on the site right planning and implementation.

Shanghai dragon

as search engines algorithm constantly improve, we can find the spider pays more and more attention to the content of the original, which is in the first big update of the web page is collected more difficult. So we want a permanent website development, high quality content in the website of Shanghai Longfeng undoubtedly optimize the whole strategy is to occupy a very important part of the. In addition there is a good layout and the quality of the original content, when a spider crawling will have a very good grab and rapid feedback to the search engine database, and give a high praise, so that we can get a lot better than average articles on the ranking. We can also use some platforms, such as blogs, forums, ask to publish some content related articles, and to let the spider crawling, so many times this.


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