Analysis of webmaster may not know the link to purchase malpractice

we know that add a chain, the weight increases the need for time, certainly is very easy to fall right but reduce a chain. So unless you can buy links long time, can bring the cumulative weight of the link, otherwise only The loss outweighs the gain.

so simple, we have come to buy links there is considerable disadvantages, so I didn’t suggest stationmaster to buy links, especially some financial weak grassroots webmaster to buy links. In fact, we can through the reasonable station group construction means to achieve the weight of their own website promotion, this way it seems if handled properly, it is a feasible way for the grassroots webmaster.

chain is self-evident for the importance of a website, in the present "content is king, the chain for the emperor" is not the content of the website construction Weakness lends wings to rumours., and the user experience is a long-term accumulation process, the weight growth is outside chain can quickly enhance our website in the short term. With enough weight, even if is reproduced content can still be included, rankings can be greatly improved. In front of the powerful chain of title, keyword density, meta of these factors have become a not worth mentioning all the minor details.

Through the analysis of the above The article by

if you buy some type of government web site outside the chain, then the chain mostly by black hat techniques (such as MARQUEE) to get the search engine for the black hat cheating punishment is very severe, can escape a moment, but the inevitable decline in ranking keywords if things go on like this.


1 site outbound links

sold outside the chain website to sell the chain for the students, the selling of the chain must not only sell you a. With the increase in the number of buyers, outbound links on its Web site will be more and more, according to the principle of cake, you can get the weight of the site will be less and less.

These ?The

2, black chain


demand will produce supply chain resources, because of the importance of a website for short-term rankings also speeded up the sale of the chain market. Although the search engine’s data are basically webmaster guidelines on negative criticism on this behavior, but the chain resources business still carried out like a raging fire, as a grassroots webmaster, buy or not to buy the chain how to choose

3, weight accumulation time

for the purchase of the chain is always a negative attitude, but for a new site, there was no early weight for the high quality of the Links, buy links is that it can make the weight of short-term station has been improved, but it is not a short-term link to buy things, when you buy a link there is no way to stop. Such as opium as not quit, the limited financial resources of grassroots webmaster, buy the chain at their peril. Of course, in addition to not allow money outside, buy the chain has many drawbacks:

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