How to use the station optimization to improve the site conversion rate

site keywords accuracy includes keyword setting accuracy and the accuracy of the contents of both. For example, a web site keywords with love Shanghai exactly match the standard, but because of the content and the title is not consistent, so that a search engine will also reduce your keywords ranking. Or a website set up a lot of words, each between keywords is not much contact, then any content on the outside users to search the keywords are as follows:

1. sites. We want to make users want to see things in the most prominent position, and then again on the site planning. In a conventional enterprise station as an example, you are the first to let customers see your product, so we should put our products on the most important position, what is the best way of contact, but also allows users to easily see. Love is such a Shanghai official website promotion, please see below:


, a web of trust.



two, the accuracy of the web site keywords.

Website Trust from the website to the user. If the user after opening your website, you can give users compared to other websites a sense of trust, then you have got the biggest advantage. Then we should be how to enhance trust of our website

user opens a arthritis website, the first to jump out is a special car site, plus a treatment of leukoplakia advertising, rather than on arthritis most in need of the user of the content, so the user experience is very hurt. So we do not recommend beginning in Web advertising.


?The rationality of overall layout of

we do the final purpose is to promote the transformation of Shanghai dragon, and the conversion rate also involves many aspects, today we mainly from the website optimization to explain how to enhance the site’s conversion rate. A lot of Shanghai dragon website does is very good, but is often due to a few or a part of the problem caused by the conversion rate is not high, which is plagued by the majority of our people, the personal experience to talk about my opinions.

The first feeling

2. website advertising. Too much advertising will give people a sense of trust, and for those who sell advertising on its website webmaster, is undoubtedly a very difficult choice, but not to say that we cannot advertise on the site, only need to control the degree of good will. But we have a lot of wrong site let us lost some confidence, as shown below:

Reasonable control of

love Shanghai is also very focused on the user experience, the first screen of their customer service phone and customer service service on the website, this is taking into account the user most will consult.

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