Novice how to write website diagnosis

The fourteen rule book site diagnosis report exchange siteHigh quality

"can not only give a link to other pages of an internal connection, but also can increase the spider crawling on their websites in time and depth, which means that your site may have included higher, after all not a spider crawling the web is not indexed by search engines.

internal connection construction, we all know that the anchor text pointing can improve the weight of a web page keywords, just like the Google bomb is a very good experience, even if the page is not relevant content, but there are a lot of high quality anchor text connection point, can also get high ranking the anchor text key words. Although Google has changed its this algorithm to avoid, but we still have reason to believe that the anchor text link can increase the relative weight of keywords.

2 of the website, whether there is associated with

This website belongs to the

3, "keyword density and layout

Links on site;


5, how many Links

a "keyword density no one can give an optimal number, now is the webmaster tools to 2%-8%, but still believe that if the reasonable words, density high is not cheating. If you are in Shanghai and Shanghai as the dragon dragon, specifically to increase keyword density to improve the ranking, the best control within 8%, as we all say there must be a reason for it. Keywords layout, title appear once more on the better; Keword once described 1-2, first appeared 1 times in the middle of a reasonable 2-3 times, at the end of 1 times, I think this is enough, no need to fill "are the key words.

reverse link How many …

this is not to say, there is a saying that good online: just give me the chain, I will be equal to anything! Although the search engine has been the official said the user experience is the most important, but according to the current situation, there are a large number of high quality connection or improve the ranking of the secret, but the reverse link chain not everyone is the internal connection, also, we can view the Internet, what is the reverse link.

Each page

wrote some time ago "(a)" to get everyone’s support, is very happy. The attention of the rest of the time today to share, carefully consider the title, feeling again a website diagnostic report (two) do not match, the first article written in haste without careful consideration of the title, see my blog the feeling is based not basic question, but to the novice a friend thought in one direction, so today the novice how to write website diagnosis. I hope you forgive me! To the first article…

1, website hyperlink is using text link

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