From the customer perspective of writing thinking

many people treat the Shanghai dragon, is from the other place for a pass, then pseudo original after put it on your website, it is actually very easy to let the user see drowsily. In fact, Shanghai dragon is the content of the article will increase with your articles, website weight increase, and the accumulation of these factors constantly ranking, even to the home page, this time, your this article Shanghai dragon is very likely to become a commercial copy to attract customers, so if you no intention to write, from the user point of view to write the words, it is likely that this article has lost most of the functions, such as Amoy K network has a others about the "plum garden Kaka KTV price list" article, published long ago, in the original Shanghai dragon the accumulation, and finally to the home page, but this article titled"…… The price list, but the content is not a price list, it looks like mood essays, hopefully this article left a phone number, a lot of people through the telephone consultation.

from the content of the page, our Shanghai dragon articles are as far as possible the use of the original high degree of articles published, this is in order to make the collection situation better, continue to accumulate, the ranking of the site will gradually move. But at the same time, we should try to do this every Shanghai dragon in place within the chain construction, must as far as possible the use of key links and bold way to let the spider can successfully capture we offer at the same time, to clarify the structure.

he had done for an example, the author’s website called "Amoy K net", is a O2O vertical electronic commerce website, it is the use of a predetermined platform to help those who want to go to KTV to sing or eat buffet of the reserved box room, after all, in some KTV prime time if you don’t have to book in advance if it is easy to encounter awkward waiting spaces occur, while Amoy K net function is for these KTV friends hope to provide telephone or online booking service. The crowd sang K, or go to those famous style KTV, the high cost of the play, either in their own home near the school, playing KTV, so in order to make the introduction page specific KTV can be searched to these people, we need to use the Shanghai dragon to let the introduction page ranking KTV before the.

Shanghai dragon article content as far as possible to write

The construction of

love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 came to power, really make a lot of the web site of the Shanghai dragon was a blow and a shout more and more recently, after all the Forum irrigation district or advertising area closed, now the hair of the chain has been more difficult than before too much, but the chain is still to be made, so as to better stay outside the chain of soft Wen himself in each big forum? In fact, the construction of the chain of soft inevitable and their websites in Shanghai Longfeng article absolute link

Shanghai Longfeng articles are as far as possible the original

from the user’s point of view !The

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