A5 marketing reminder recent love Shanghai to reduce right information with the official website of

from the user’s perspective, the user does not know which one will be the official business users want to access, which is more trustworthy? So the love of Shanghai was mainly for the enterprise website there are a number of "official" with information processing right down. In order to avoid such a situation, the author suggests that the enterprise will have representative enterprises website set into the official website, some other ancillary products, with the official website information website if the words suggest getting rid of, so it can avoid the possibility of being right down.

, a corporate website appeared more than with the official website information will be the right down

from the salon can see that love Shanghai began to crack down on false information with the "official" website, the various sectors of the website is undoubtedly a blow from a number of industry website current can be seen on many websites, title, information has a certain official website, believe that the webmaster should know to have official two words, every industry and enterprise will only appear once the official website of the word, not an enterprise has two official website, if there is such a phenomenon, A5 marketing proposals to remove excess and retain only independent official website, the only way users in the search site to determine which sites will be more authoritative. Of course, about the love inside Shanghai news, will spread a lot with the official website information website, the author simply and the webmaster exchange.

first, there are a number of enterprise website with information on the official website will be right down. In many industry website, enterprise website is still very love Shanghai recognition and trust, excellent enterprise site can be enterprise information, product and image transfer to the user’s hands, and the enterprise website compared to other products of the site more authoritative, especially in the enterprise website website to add words, more enterprises have a sense of trust. For the enterprise website website, many enterprises website has several corporate websites, some companies will set up a number of love website for the official website, leading to the emergence of enterprises more than the official website.

with love Shanghai search engine update and improvement, each change of love Shanghai can give the webmaster bring unexpected things. 11.22, I have the honor to participate in the Beijing love Shanghai salon, mentioned in the meeting in Shanghai LEE, the recent information on the site with the "official" to deweight, "official" means that the site is not really the official website, the official website contains false information, it can be seen that any kind of website only with the emergence of a brand of authority and the official website, with the "official" information website will be right down, if a large quantity will affect the entire website directly.

second, B2B website business shops with the "official" information will be right down. Many B2B websites have business shops, >

two, B2B business shops with the "official" information will be right down

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