Whether the forum signature on the construction site outside the chain also need to do

1. in the chain construction site outside the chain have many character signature is just one kind of construction site outside the chain can start from many aspects such as blogs, classification of information network and so on.

website optimization to love forum posting replies, in order to make his own character signature can be displayed on the website, so if the post is search engine included that the character signature on the web site can exist as a chain. We now know that the forum signature is used to the construction site outside the chain, then why forum character signature chain construction method is now more and more attention, but instead slowly fade out of sight do website optimization. Here I think there are the following:

Why did

4. also set up a forum signature " nofollow" as a result, as the attribute, character signature anchor text is unable to give the target site to vote.

a few years ago when we were building the site outside the chain, there is a chain of the construction method is often used, that is the signature of the forum, when we are bored everywhere find can set the signature forum site, everywhere today, irrigation post, forum signature function is diluted, many the site staff forum for the signature of the chain effect is not so optimistic, BBS signature chain do not really well, according to their own experience to simply say.

The best way to 6. to

we start to understand what is the website forum signature, forum signature suggests that most existing in the forum, we register the new forum settings where you can find the forum signature column of the account, where we can set up your desired text, some commercial users will set some advertising slogans in there, then in the US post replies when the system will automatically display personal signature in the post below to set their own good, sometimes also need a step forum setting function can let character signature display.

2. can now set character signature forum has become less and less, especially in some forum also set hierarchy with account level is gradually improved, the forum can set up personalized signature.

from the forum site to obtain better personalized signature keyword ranking is a very difficult thing. "

5. of the chain is appearing in the text, because the only way to think the best search engine link correlation, and personalized signature in the URL location is poor, not in the text, so the effect will be general. The search engine is becoming more and more valued forum signature personality.

3. is the number of bytes of the forum signature, some forum can set character signature, but is limited to the number of bytes in the text, often fill in the URL of the website with the discovery, the number of bytes that exceed the standard, not to mention the situation with some special code, can only slowly increase the account level.

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