The health products website optimization and promotion

              in the production site before, the best in Shanghai and Google search under a direct competitor to the site, they can be analyzed, settles down the key words in the early. Look at what they are set in the key words, changing the keyword search is not the same search. After the keyword set, to carry out the planning of the overall framework of the website, the framework of health products website is relatively clear and simple, roughly divided into navigation, product background, product introduction, product function and related information, in the best case, plus the user comments section, the best conditions to build a forum for the exchange of user to do some interactive, free experience. There is the online ordering module (explained later). The framework set up to choose a good program, it is best not to make a separate page, so to later search engine optimization is very unfavorable. To choose a post system and pseudo static power or can generate HTML program, ASP, PHP, such as WordPress, is a very good free blog system, can transform it, the basic function can be realized, there is online ordering module that, if you are familiar with the PHP program it is best to write a, also not familiar with the Never mind, there is a wp-pay plugin which can provide online purchase function, love Shanghai search suggestions.

            two, the site in the process of making key

           , making health products website preparatory work

              with   rapid development of health industry, health care products such as website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, most of these health products website most is a single page website, and on this site from the beginning to pay attention to build the real station optimization very little, this paper start from the site to the subsequent extension of simple talk (of course, for those who love directly on the promotion and promotion of Shanghai network do not comment).

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