To master the complex and diversified construction site outside the chain will be more perfect

a website can lead to different chain, many sites have different form of the chain, a forum outside the chain, the chain, the chain of news blog. The signature of the chain and so on, here is an example. If you made a post in the forum which brings you an effective outside the chain, but after 1 months, the Shanghai post that you love time has passed, so the chain can do the chain is invalid. If you are in the Admin5 contribute to an article to create a chain, then the chain will exist for a long time, the form of the chain is relatively stable, so in the construction of the chain is the best choice for the construction of the chain’s origin, so for the development of the website can constitute a long-term positive.



chain diversification prohibited thinking

four: source of instability

at home to love Shanghai search engine algorithm for example, can be said that so far no stationmaster can accurately grasp the love love Shanghai Shanghai algorithm, algorithm can be said to be changes every day, many webmaster want to do Shanghai dragon to grasp algorithm, but ultimately did nothing, this is the algorithm instability the chain, to construct a high quality, so it is necessary to accurately grasp the friendly nature of the chain.

The construction of the chain complex

two: interpersonal instability

The weight of each

three: the construction of the chain complex and unstable quality of

can be divided into the construction of the chain link to money and friendship, money is mainly included in the unstable link to buy links, this link is not stable, after many webmaster gave money within a few days the link was on the other side the withdrawal is not recommended to take this approach. Expression of Links instability in today is a good friend, tomorrow because of conflict of interest into the enemy, here is the reality suggests looking for intimate friends to build a stable chain.

a chain of value, friendly value is not stable, the final result caused by the instability of the quality of the chain is: Take 1 months do not spend days to do the chain is more accurate, so that when the chain is the best choice of high correlation, search the website engine friendliness better, so that you can get more weight value of import, which is to solve the unstable quality of the best method.

The construction of the chain complex

chain construction is not only to increase the number of the chain that simple question, construction of the chain need to understand the diversity of ideas and complex thinking chain, the chain of complicated and diversified including search engine algorithm instability, interpersonal instability, link quality instability, construction link diversity. These properties will talk about the construction of the chain construction now.

the construction of the chain complex: unstable


. A ban on exchanging links with IP, regardless of the love of Shanghai search engine or Google search engine, it is best not to do outside the chain with the IP exchange, that would be the search.

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