What you do in the 12000 Beijing Shanghai dragon practitioners salary

@ Xuanmu Shanghai Dragon: Tianjin Shanghai dragon, 25 years old, no wife, no house, no money, a dragon across the grass root in Shanghai.

but why income gap so big? I think most of the business are based on information asymmetry. Many people only know that the hair of the chain, exchange links, do not know Shanghai dragon is only a kind of network promotion methods, and promotion is only a part of network marketing. Expand the circle, will make the diversification of information sources you, don’t do in front of the computer, easy prostate does not say, people will be more and more.

@Jobin_Z: I was in Shanghai Longfeng work (now an electricity supplier Shanghai Longfeng, SEM); I am in Guangzhou, 2>

graphic Shanghai dragon made a micro-blog recently attracted the attention of many people and broadcast, micro-blog is as follows:

@ Ru __ peak: Xiamen, Shanghai dragon for a year, 2500, fast to three. Is grey.


@ Shanghai: Tianjin dragon Xiao B in Shanghai dragon across the ~~30, there is room, a wife, a son,

Shanghai Longfeng practitioners entry threshold is very low, generally from "the chain commissioner" to start, the chain, to send thousands every day and night, day in and day out, the chain has become synonymous with Shanghai dragon, which also led Shanghai Dragon into a position of the bottom, so it should be a very Chaoyang occupation……


I do Shanghai Longfeng work (non bitter B webmaster); I am in Beijing, 30-31 years old (I don’t remember a few years old); where you are, what is the

@ play play electric business: Shanghai Longfeng internship in /SEM ing, Beijing coordinates. 90. The bag eats 1500.

is no money!

then began the work and income disclosed:

@ inspirational Xiao Shi: I am in Shanghai, not what Shanghai Longfeng work, but by means of selling products in Shanghai dragon.

from these responses seen most of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners working time only 1-3 years, age between 22-25.

@ Xiao B Shanghai Dragon: Beijing 1500, I have heard, learn Shanghai Longfeng work to earn money.

@ Shanghai: Graphic Longfeng in Beijing for 3 years, my base salary 120 million. Eating and sleeping is 4000. My colleagues live just 4000 yuan, moonlight clan.

@ Qi Hao 0205: I in Wuhan, what to do, Shanghai Dragon (including chain Kazakhstan), price, promotion, administrative micro-blog and so on, no girlfriend, no house no car, had never seen a year-end bonus bonus or look like, not social security, bitter is 3000, that you have wood I want to have it.

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