Whether the industry can regulate Shanghai Shanghai dragon love artificial intervention moves

is worth pondering two:

, Shanghai dragon industry development

love the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon code, write this article, maybe you can get a lot of attention, of course I don’t want to waste this opportunity. Just in the speed transit column, column friend Wang Jiwei sent a picture, maybe about the Tencent micro-blog generally ranked in the top three, then I want to see if Shanghai Longfeng micro-blog also ranked in the home, to see the results of a method of manual intervention of the love of Shanghai. Here is the problem, talk about personal views:

three, Shanghai dragon industry norms on the measures under the policy of

looked at the above slightly written opinion, it is not difficult to see that love Shanghai.

Shanghai dragon has entered a subject in foreign countries, many do this English Shanghai dragon who know a thing, but in China has not been recognized, so always love Shanghai say. Of course, many Shanghai Longfeng research workers, still want to study the rules, then what if an organization is unique, will not be recognized, so a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the model of love Shanghai rules, then there are many segments of Shanghai Longfeng company (SEO company) is a network company, originally only in the website on the basis of the construction project, add a website optimization.

I just walk more than 100 Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, found that many groups are quietly, also do not know this thing, but a small part of that, will be scolded in there, love Shanghai really cheap.

two, Shanghai dragon Er evaluation is condemning

1, love Shanghai why suddenly put love on the home page of the first artificial guide to Shanghai. If his guide to do, then guide down, the final is to tell all want to use the search engine to make money online marketing must choose to love Shanghai for promotion. In doing so, people feel bad, for example, the society is good, not bad, who to you? I love Shanghai this is a little too much.

There are

jobs, will have the talent to join. It is to see a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions, because only the training institutions, to cultivate more talents for the industry, will be required for each cycle.

2, Shanghai love complaint too much? Do Shanghai Longfeng orders people know, Shanghai dragon is sometimes intense, is the direct price of cabbage. Many of them are just contact a few days Shanghai dragon began to pick up, and then go to buy some software, or buy some black chain, direct black hat for website ranking up, results of a few day Shanghai K his station. Shanghai dragon with single is earned run, while the enterprise is silly, money instead of the site was K, why is the only way to find love? Is Shanghai complaints, it can be seen that the love of Shanghai want to perfect Shanghai dragon industry is for the maintenance in the credibility of enterprises.

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