Shanghai Longfeng optimization pros and cons

now, to love Shanghai PPC as an example, the core words in some industries and CPC compared to two years ago has doubled, which means you need to spend double the current budget to get traffic as two years ago, and the conversion rate of flow also can make nothing of it.

Network marketing channel costs more and more high paying


so, many companies choose to play a combination of boxing, with integration to compensate for the huge cost brought by other channels, and many start-up companies, are in the choice of cloud claw train, establishing marketing sub station group let your information page does not interfere with other people, all customers in the search engine, through the massive keyword you can easily find, embedded statistics tracking system, embedded online service: QQ, Wangwang, tracking online consulting data, this paper generation system, easily extend to promote a large number of articles, through the form of technical cooperation website interface, without registration, account login, code operation, the system automatically released to the corresponding website, on the first all cooperation website information push, automatic analysis of quality web site included, survival, according to the ranking results, centralized push for high quality website, periodicautomatic Analysis of the adjustment, many enterprises have to train in the choice of cloud claw, marketing value high fee per click

optimization !

a good marketing division of Shanghai dragon or if you want to use network optimization personnel with more potential customers to keep in touch, so they must know the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) is always changing. In the early stage of development of Shanghai dragon, as long as you are filled with a variety of content on the web site and do not have to consider the quality of the content and the end user’s usefulness, your site will be able to get a good ranking in the search results.

The advantages and disadvantages of

Shanghai Longfeng

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