Shanghai Longfeng graphic website ranking factors do not see the forest for the trees

page factors on the page content publishers can completely control. You want to publish what kind of content? You provide important HTML signal to help search engine relevance? The structure of your site to help or hinder the search engine? Effect of
page of the factors affecting factors
page release can not directly control. The search engine is the use of page factors because they are a long time ago that the publisher is not enough to rely solely on that relationship, for example, some publishers can make your content more relevant than the actual look. More importantly, when a large number of pages are classified, only to see the information on the page is not enough, more information is needed to better assess a page is best for a particular search.
shielding shielding is a new type of ranking signal. The search will be used in the screening time do not want to see a specific site content. To see the "shield shield

regularly updated Shanghai Longfeng ranking factors chart, is to use the diagram interpretation of the most important factors affecting the flow from Google and other search engines.
Page – on the page

has two classes in each grade category below, each of the two grade classification and contains more specific factors of Shanghai dragon. You can see two acronyms in each figure, they represent different elements. The first letter refers to a classification, second letters on behalf of the specific factors.
these factors is the interaction of
Effect of

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