Station group how to do Secret love group zhishengzhidao ShangHai Railway Station


Figure 3


1, 4 love Shanghai has always paid no attention to the original, and love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know, Post Bar, space content is copied based on, in order to give love this part of Shanghai products ranking in the search algorithm justifiably, love Shanghai in addition to the use of Aladdin crony relations platform for artificial adjustment ranking, think of it in the processing of the original content, as long as the unique content, polymerization, well, regardless of whether the original ranking can be obtained.

1, 3 love Shanghai hostile to individual owners, the implementation of major strategy, a side effect is prominent in the chain, in the pages of this station, ranking in the station within the chain under the action of the home station and also can compete.

is shown in Figure 1 you can see these suspected sites are more than IP from the same host as users buy abroad. This is the love of Shanghai Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station group operation, due to their love of Shanghai strategy, station group has replaced the black chain to become the most popular and effective strategies for the love of Shanghai black cap, here a simple analysis under the station group of love and occupy Shanghai ranked stations do.

1, why is the love of Shanghai


unique content stations

, why is the 2 station group,

1 and 2 in terms of relevance to love Shanghai ability is insufficient, the so-called pseudo original collected articles will be considered to be unique. For ZhengZhan theme judgement more aristocratic than baby behind a second generation

the same technical level of defects soso, Sogou, by the station group of persecution is not obvious, a whole page of all stations occupied.

f-man first page website IP

Figure 1:

1, 1 in the major search engines based on link analysis, correlation analysis as the strategy of spam, love Shanghai for their own technology to stationmaster weak, hostility, and interests, resulting in a large number of stations occupy Shanghai ranked the consequences of

2, a large number of internal links between stations, the so-called wheel chain strategy. The station group, external links basically does not exist, as shown in Figure three, which is also known as the "" sprocket link strategy between a large number of independent sites are linked to each other, are organized into a closed ecological site, equivalent to create an Internet independent. 3, a large number of independent website. In Figure 1, all domain independent, independent of IP, can be seen as independent web search engine.

1, the station group has a large number of "unique" content, these content from nothing together, as shown in Figure 2, is not original, but with unique taste, love Shanghai.

Figure 2 stations do?


stations linked

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