Optimize the internal strategy of enterprise website

the enterprise how to in the network of the desert to Amoy first pot of gold? According to the enterprise website promotion, optimize the internal point of view of enterprise.

third: structure and directory of the web site is very important

a good corporate website, search engine meets the standard, structure and directory of the web site itself is very important. Try to use the homepage of website structure – column – text, business directory is not a lot, keep the next three points you can reach the designated page. The deep web pages, not included, and the user experience is not very good.


Shanghai dragon often say content is king, visible on the website of the important content. Not all of the content on the site, with the site keywords or enterprise information, pay attention to key words in the content distribution. The first time to get the best keywords appear in the anchor, the contents of related articles can be placed at the bottom of the article, let users read more. Sitelinks, can have a column page and the home page, the home page and the content page, content page and column page interleaving link, regardless of the user in what local reading can return to the page or column.

today, the enterprise website has developed rapidly. As the traditional sales methods have not meet the development requirements of the enterprise, since the taobao贵族宝贝 bring a lot of opportunities, the enterprise product sales channels and there are a lot of methods. Do network promotion, Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly the best choice of enterprise.

enterprise website program

fourth: site map and robots.txt using

: the first to locate the keyword of the website according to the product to

fifth: the content of the website and the station link

enterprise website is not only the enterprise in the Internet and also deliver more customer name card, information platform. Now the mainstream language is PHP or. Net, JSP Web development cost is high, the performance of ASP is not very good. As a site construction enterprises want to quickly, can use the open source cms development website. On the other hand, website space to support the static pages, the benefits of doing so is better included.


companies want to be found by search engines, mostly depends on the choice of keywords. In fact, keywords are determined according to the product, the enterprise is not blind to it. For example: mobile phone, when the enterprise can specify keywords, according to the brand or geographical system and enterprise related products as the website main keywords.

site map by Html, Xml, to guide the search engines crawl, play the role of navigation. The site map is best put on the front page of the site, better be included. The search engine when you visit the site, the first visit to the robots.txt file. Robots.txt tell the search engines which can access the file, which cannot access the file.

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