How to use the deck collocation ingeniously build website internal links to articles


2 with a writer or a similar article related content

3 was the relationship between the label

blog, when you read an article a writer, the end will display some other articles by this author, or other authors of this article and related articles, classified under this article, the final answer is to generate the chain related articles provide different the link may be randomly generated, the same author, may also be relatively strong correlation between the.

released this article generally are not connected to the two day post, but today the first day of May and related articles, when readers read, not necessarily two article what is related, just feel smooth, or love the reader to read. There is no correlation between what. This is a generation.

1 read the readers of this article may also read some other articles

This is a lot of the This is the basic principle of


search engine. Frequent spiders, your ranking is good, the weight is high, but the spider did not come, then waiting to erode in the long river of go on the internet. Whether inside or outside the station, the Internet is a web form, continue to crawl, included, index, display. This is some function of the spider. The reason why we want to link the building site, is convenient time to climb to the previous spider included page, it will not lose weight. Related links below we talk about the website should have strong randomness and correlation, and the difference between the normal classification is better, we generally related websites link to calculate how? This method is the most relevant general link generation is mainly has the following several kinds:

this is the theme of this article core. The weight of the external links and internal links of the calculation, in addition to the calculation itself, we also need to compute the search engine rules, first of all external links, if you have a chain, although be included but we think that an external link to the long-term not update, the search engine will calculate the weight the link will slowly decrease, even to the last no weight transfer to our website. This is a search engine to calculate the link company. The internal link is the same, if your article pressure at the bottom, from the first day included search engine has not been updated, this page will slowly lose weight from two points of view, links must have time to climb the spider index, in order to gain more weight.

on the site of internal and external link you may have seen many similar articles, but here the author mentioned in some relevant internal link operation we should pay attention to, the main of this article is a problem around to write:

why do we have to do the link

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