Novel search and user interest analysis technology

user interest analysis

(1) according to the method of matching text user record and browse data, the best matching will be recommended to the user, such as the end of Youku Video recommendation.

(4) Carrefour and other large supermarket chains, according to the user’s purchase records, placed on the shelves of the rearrangement. A textbook example is: through the analysis of the data found that people who buy beer often buy diapers. Analysis of specific examples, that is often a housewife to buy beer, they have great may also buy diapers.


(2) Taobao and Amazon shopping website: when you buy a commodity, the list will provide you a you may also buy the goods.

for sales website, good and user interest analysis can effectively improve the purchase amount of users.

, why do we need user interest analysis

(1) Youku video website: each video page will give a list of recommended video, video playback in the end will display a list of recommended video.

(2) collaborative filtering technology is the use of a large number of historical records, the public, the correlation analysis of two entities, and the user history record recommended entities in the highest correlation to the user. In order to search for novel red bean as an example, the system for each user to maintain a bookshelf. This bookcase of books that have been concerned about the user (the updated list of books). If you have a large number of users of A, and a collection of books on B, so we can think that books A and B style and >

three. The main implementation techniques of

(5) Google personalized search (personalize searching): according to past records and click on the search query results rearrangement. (searching result reranking), interested readers can search the academic literature according to the keywords provided above.

(3) and other books to buy website: dangdang贵族宝贝 and similar (2). When buying a book, recommend you to other goods.

two. What applications using user interest analysis technology

site of the core goal is to provide users a valuable service, and realize their own value. Obviously, the needs of users is the core of our attention. The red bean network to provide a novel search as an example, the user’s interest is of interest to users of the books "taste". For different users to search the same keywords, the search engine output the same result is difficult to meet the needs of all people, because everyone has different interests. The user wants to get search results is to satisfy their own "taste", which requires the search engine to search results according to the user’s interest in rearrangement.

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