The optimization of the site itself to improve the quality of the electricity supplier website conve

the user’s reputation may be the most persuasive.

electricity supplier website profit pattern is very clear, is to sell products to obtain income. Usually how much traffic will affect the orders, but the same flow and orders may have a big gap, here involves the conversion rate of flow. Shanghai love Wikipedia on the conversion is the explanation of "conversion rate in a statistical period, the number of completion rate conversion behavior accounted for the promotion of information of the number of total hits. Formula: = conversion (conversion times / hits) × 100%." This formula, have explained very clearly, so in order to make the flow more value and improve the conversion rate of flow is very important. In order to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce site traffic, the following aspects we should pay attention to the.

evaluation on the website of the

web page to do

user and the effect after purchase

Every detail of the

users will not wait for a web page loading time is too long, if the user clicks after a long time can not open the page, you might leave. If because the site open speed loss orders is a thing so very regrettable, because the money to buy a better host and the room will be able to solve this problem. Ensure the web browsing speed is a very basic but very important point.


page template design is simple and reasonable in logic

web page open speed

this is the electronic commerce website is very important. The electronic commerce website to users on the site out of pocket money under the orders, this is a relatively large threshold, the premise is to purse users believe this site. While the details of the website is likely to affect the user trust on the website. We may not care about a small corner of a page of the edition of dislocation, think this is a place of no great importance but users may not think so. The entire site is like a pot of delicious soup, in order to let the soup taste even more delicious, we may add a variety of spices. A pot of delicious many materials to make the soup, probably because of falling into a fly caused no taste. The actual situation may be not so serious, but the details really is we need to take advantage of.

simple does not mean simple, simple does not mean lack of simplicity is to simplify complex issues, product classification logic many users find what you want. The site section of the planning should be clear and reasonable, complex and not wrong in. On the contrary we sometimes in order to show the atmosphere and the scale of the website, web page template design is very complex, it looks really very atmospheric, seems very full. But the actual use of the user may half will be confused, look up the site itself is not much content. This is not conducive to the user experience. Fatigue easily lead to complex web visitors. Simple web page is not easy to have this problem.

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