To create a high quality web page full face of pomegranate

read a lot about the original share in the network, is the wisdom of worship, all sorts of strange things original methods, such as the use of micro-blog QQ space acquisition content, content, or translation of foreign website content etc.. Indeed, these are the original, but imagine this type >

has such a word search engine which is the inevitable choice in this respect the user a document, and it is also an inevitable trend to focus on the overall environment to purify the internet". We can understand the high quality of the page can get better ranking. On the Internet, in fact, the low quality of the page not only refers to contain a lot of pop, spam and other elements of the page. The more Shanghai dragon tutorial, we have learned the pseudo original, paragraph acquisition, chaos and so on, is actually a kind of low quality of the page, in the second half of 2013, believe that these pages will be the focus of remediation search engine.

users in website with what purpose, is to find what. This is every web site operators need to think about. For example, for example, a Guangzhou based company website keywords corporate website, so we have to have some for the construction site needs of users interested in the article. Not a lot of updates to the website, need to understand PHP knowledge, how the introduction of this type of website construction for users "too profound to be understood" article.

, think about what kind of content is the website users love

articles related also wrong, why do you say so? It is because we should consider to search, Guangzhou site construction company users are hoping to find a Guangzhou website construction company to build the website. This type of user is mostly some enterprise managers, they do not have any knowledge of website construction, also do not want to learn PHP, or entry. Therefore, sometimes the updated content is popular, simple, such as "how to calculate the cost of the construction site, believe that this type of article is more meaningful for users.

two, prepared for the original article, don’t take shortcuts to

pomegranate algorithm low quality page terminator". Remember the 17 day, opened the love Shanghai webmaster tools, the dominance of the title will appear in the eyelids. Did you want to write an article about the article, but in view of the fact that this document is mainly aimed at containing bad pop, lots of confusion page main content spam pages, believe that most of the webmaster, a negative impact on these pages, you should already know. Therefore, the document does not have what the essence of the guiding significance for us.

algorithm against pomegranate?

in the No. 17 document, Shanghai is said to love hitting advertising over the page, but this is only the beginning. We can’t just let down because we are not affected, so how to create high quality of the page, a comprehensive

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