The search engine of the owners decide on what path to follow amidst the winds of change

advantages are obvious. Not to say the backing of the Sohu, is Sogou input method’s in Pinyin input method occupies a large market. Coupled with the support of Sohu, to hot to


search engine for the webmaster friends are very important, a large part of the webmaster is depending on the search engine. The search engine which is a universal publicity platform can better exposure to our website. However, the form of search engine now is what we selected the raging like a storm, the search engine to display their

two: some friends think we want to transfer direction. Love can not rely on a Shanghai, can’t let love Shanghai about our website development, SOSO has grown up after all, Sogou, Youdao, YAHOO is also good. >

?As for the

: the absolute position of most of the webmaster friends or firm love Shanghai, after all, big boss’s market share reached more than 70% people (users), the search engine is love love Shanghai, this is above suspicion doubt. The overall strength and love of Shanghai is indeed very tough, so webmaster friends or to love Shanghai to optimize the work center on our own website.


SOSO know you better. QQ users generally SOSO to lay a solid foundation, a lot of friends should be careful that Tencent Inc measure word search is just a small episode. You see QQ chat dialog can directly use the SOSO search, reducing the tedious steps to open the page again. The use of QQ large user group created a SOSO advantage.


NetEase China Youdao, YAHOO, the engine is also each one has its own merits in the search market, have a solid backing. Although Google out of the mainland market, but its influence can not be ignored, only a PR value still affects many webmaster heart. At present, the domestic search market is the webmaster friends this is a dragon and a tiger in combat, more attention. Our website how to adapt to the development of search engines? Probably divided into three views.

has always heard that the Qihoo 360 to do the search engine market, specific issues have been inconclusive. Recently, the Qihoo 360 officially launched a search engine, the afternoon of August 19th, the guardian also try to open the domain name to visit. To find some website main keywords to search, the results obtained with the love of Shanghai search engine for a comparison. 360 is more approachable. Some owners also said he was in love with the sea of K station in 360 have included and ranking.

love Shanghai, You’ll see. As the search engine China big boss, like the search engine market competition more and more intense, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, search results also pay more attention to the user want results. Since the end of June a series of measures can be seen, but it also let everyone called the webmaster nightmare.

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