What determines the ranking of words

2, search with the website related articles or news, and then write your own book.

said the content on the website construction of many webmaster will complain, original too difficult! Yes, the original is time-consuming. I suggest that we must learn the compilation of information release, website early is a very large number of original articles need to ensure the quality of website content, if you can not adhere to the original what method? The following three points are the commonly used, for everyone to share:

, a website content construction

there is no doubt that a high weight site is dominant in the rankings. Why is there such a big weight high website ranking will help to make a simple analogy? You’ll see., weight high website similar to the national Mianjian products, has a certain popularity. So the weight high website in Shanghai can be said to have a certain privilege". The privilege is a long-term effort to come.

1, the webmaster can write their own heart’s true life.

some time ago has been busy preparing and developing new things, so many days did not come over. Recently, often a friend asked me about the website keywords ranking problem! Such as keyword ranking is not affected by the website snapshot, how much? Have friends directly asked me what determines the site keywords ranking! Because the time is tight, I also did not make a detailed answer for a friend they agreed then they recently developed an essay like this to detail about their problems.


site weight and ranking relationship

according to the above three points, we believe that in the good time web content construction must be able to do well in both quantity and quality.

I think the above is the website website ranking two important decisions, then I will explain in detail the content of culture construction and the weights of the website

two, how to cultivate the website weight


believes that this topic is a topic of common interest, is the highlight of this article on this issue! I also try to search on the Internet, online is the most.

, a content and the relationship between the ranking of

3, to the relevant web site to find material.

to understand the above problems need to do some basic knowledge of science! First of all, a website of the latest collection of information is the most easy to get ranked, and ranked before and the site itself by love Shanghai love decision. When it comes to love love the quality of Shanghai completely depends on the content of the website, to determine whether a site we can love a website website starting from the user point of view, if you are a user, we want to see what kind of content. The user will not love the content of love Shanghai understand style in the back row of the site. The quality of website content in the ranking on the importance of that remarkable.

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