Through the analysis on how to make Shanghai Longfeng your traffic increases rapidly

first, scientific and rational use of long tail keywords. The introduction of long tail keywords strategy, its purpose is to obtain relatively accurate flow, coupled with the optimization of the long tail keywords, the difficulty is relatively low, for the webmaster, also easy to be successful. In fact, some owners did some long tail keywords, but also not to flow into the. And the essence of the problem is not to know the user’s search habits, so we can through the investigation and analysis of the way to get these long tail keywords, such as the Shanghai index, love love Shanghai through the drop-down list and related search, such a long tail keywords can be users often search, but this time if your web site content in the front row, will easily get traffic.

may have many webmaster found that after a long time the Shanghai dragon optimization work, only to find their own website traffic and no corresponding increase, even if the ranking has been significantly improved. So many webmaster found no effect on the optimization of Shanghai dragon conclusion. Of course, this is obviously a superficial understanding. Is your website in Shanghai Longfeng through good disposing, without the introduction of a large number of traffic, the fundamental reason lies in the optimization problems of thinking you.

second, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization at the same time, don’t forget to carry out corresponding marketing. When our website by Shanghai dragon after optimization, has been included in Shanghai love, then it needs to enhance the visibility through a variety of ways to strengthen the publicity to the site. To do this, we need some through marketing, the construction of the chain and related advertisements, look this way will consume some costs, but for the operation of a website, the appropriate marketing is essential, because only through the search engine to get traffic, usually poor timeliness, but if in assist in appropriate promotion, then not only has a certain flow rate in a relatively short period of time, but also through the cultivation of a longer period of time, to promote the flow of loyalty. For the love of Shanghai, if you find a site traffic has good loyalty, will give a higher weight, and can promote the stability of the website rankings, so the marketing and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng scientific collocation construction, can have a multiplier effect.

third, as far as possible to increase the site included. The content of the website included more, so in the search results page showcase will be more, but.

why? Because we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, in addition to the website ranking, so naturally we need to introduce the flow, because the site if no flow, it is difficult to generate profits. In fact, we are in the website optimization, a lot of people confined to their own ideas, as long as the site’s ranking is good, then the flow will come naturally, this view is not correct, the following is to specifically talk about how to make specific strategy of website optimization Shanghai dragon to bring you more traffic.

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