Art forms reflect Taijiquan internal strength training and the Shanghai dragon

Taijiquan skills training is a long-term process, is also a boring and accompanied by sweating process, Shanghai dragon art forms like tai chi isozyme, is a long-term need to adhere to the process, and in the stick in the process you go through many failures, how much experience the bitterness of the truth, only those who work in the front line of the Shanghai dragon Er psychologyknew. Shanghai dragon is a kind of technology, but he is also a kind of art, is a kind of operational art is a kind of creative art, and in the process of operation, you need to constantly update the ideas, update their inspiration, in the process of art creation, you have to endure loneliness. Yang Ying Taijiquan for many years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work for many years, the two insist these years, a taste of these two kinds of art to bring me happiness and bitterness.

practice Taijiquan is a long-term process, do a good job of Shanghai dragon is also a need to adhere to the process, in the process of the adhere, according to changes in its industry as well as its own website, but the unceasing change, what things are not to think in a way as a Shanghai Dragon Art, not only want to move, and not to do an art innovation, if there is no innovation, so this art will die out abuse. Shanghai dragon is an art, is a creative art, is also a search engine algorithms based on changing art. In the process of the art of operation, according to their own characteristics, the characteristics of its own industry website, to innovate. What do Shanghai dragon is the most cattle? Is heimao Shanghai Longfeng, a gambling website, do not have their own fixed sites, do stand by black links, invade others website to earn traffic, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, their difficulty and how high they are? Do we as a formal industry, website of Shanghai dragon really so difficult? Why?

Tai Chi internal strength training non ordinary people can afford, nor the general park of old lady that Taijiquan Exercises, seemingly simple, but very difficult to practice. Do not believe you can find a day with the park of the old man old mother who practiced a personal experience, you know, in fact, this is only superficial. Want to practice Taijiquan and can be applied to the actual combat, so you have to work hard to practice his skills, only to continuously deepen internal practice, to make their own technology to strive for further improvement. Tai Chi Chen, Yang, Wu, Wu, sun five people, although five are from home but have to blow over Chen Tai Chi, as long as you practice good internal strength, no matter what the Taijiquan practice can ease. The search engine and Taijiquan, Chinese although the search engine Google, love Shanghai, 360 and Sogou, but its optimization in basically the same way, if you do well in the station optimization, enhancing its own internal strength no matter what search engine optimization is also easy.

a formal sector, on the site, in the Shanghai dragon. "

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