Analysis the website snapshot and processing method

so Links no problem, we check the website of the service space, many on the scale of the website rather focus on server space security and stability of their own, more profound impression is the first day of October last year 28tui Forum on line was attacked in the open hours, if we use the server or virtual space other websites run in the same IP, then once the middle of a problem, was linked to illegal websites link type of situation, it will also affect our own website, so now snapshot is likely because the cause was immediately K precursor.

four. Consult the webmaster circle of friends whether search engine

so if you feel around recently we hadn’t done what illegal operations, now began to check the website of other data, Links should be said to be the first to check the factors, we all know that exchange Links, especially in the same industry Links can quickly improve relevant keywords our own website ranking, but also have Links exchange the risk, increase the weight at the same time also means that once the chain link in some problems, so we will also be involved, all have some friends suggested that Links exchange of not more than 35, check whether the chain is out of the question.

website snapshot if our website itself is not a very short line low weight website, then this data shows that some problems may have some new friends immediately to modify the site settings, don’t do this, we need to carry out data analysis on its website, summarizes recent what do the operation around, generally a sort of a small operation date may be extended to around before.

if we check later found that there is no problem in these areas, so we can consult some other webmaster friends, whether there is a large area for this situation, if that is the love of the Shanghai problem, the database synchronization fault appeared. This situation was appeared, I remember a few years ago and was also some interaction of calcium carbide website also appeared to be K, then love Shanghai officially confirmed part of the server there are some data >

site data tracking is very important, always observe their own website friends, in the face of sudden rapid analysis, in December 14th a friend met a problem in a webmaster circles, his website snapshot before a few day in Shanghai after the file update, there are 2.3 days of the time, I can not find why don’t solve weight Pro small analyzed about website snapshot and some solutions to:

two. Check the website of Links

three. Check the website server space

. Four weeks do the corresponding operation

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