Deep understanding of love Shanghai core index change factor inquiry algorithm

for web content in the dynamic index of the amount of love the sea, as a webmaster, must understand the reasons of these changes, so that it can better targeted optimization, so that it can better improve the level of the site included. Usually with changes in sea index is mainly reflected in the following:

from the above three factors, the website in the fall in love with the sea once the fast index >

third programming, the site itself has some defects. This leads to the websites of the dynamic web URL suddenly increased, although the Shanghai love web crawler for the dynamic strength is not high, but if a sudden increase, it will inevitably affect the amount of love index in Shanghai, and the quality of this dynamic web pages are often poor, so once there is sudden surge harm and no benefit for the website.

included many Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers give more attention to your website ranking, website content, the attention itself is no problem, but if you only focus on results, and for the details can not be of very good, so eventually become relatively superficial. In fact, with increasing sea volume growth factors included is a key index of quantity, because the love of Shanghai algorithm, the content of the website will be the first love Shanghai grab, and then through a certain algorithm to capture the content analysis, if the content is useful, will be incorporated into the database, and the index. Users can search through the corresponding keywords.

first, the contents of a large number of garbage suddenly appeared inside the website. For the love of Shanghai, if included before the higher quality of the content, then love will increase the weight of Shanghai according to the principle of the site included efforts, but this time the site garbage content increased, the index will increase the amount, but after the two intelligent algorithms, but will be included in the content of garbage before giving shielding, resulting in reduced the index weight, and once the subsequent waste a lot of content will have a negative impact on your weight, which will further reduce the amount of site index.

has been indexed content also is not necessarily love Shanghai will eventually be included, because before these indexed content is love Shanghai finally included, and a more intelligent algorithm analysis, if found that these relatively high quality content, it will eventually be included. Generally speaking, the greater the amount of the index fell in love with the sea, so Shanghai’s content included will be more love. For the website optimization, website promotion index is extremely important.

second, the website originally set Robots protocol and the nofollow attribute of the content page suddenly lose effectiveness. For example, the statement should be banned before the Robots protocol is careless or reset, hacked open. This will make love Shanghai suddenly increased the amount included in the site, resulting in an index of the amount of soil growth, and this growth will obviously be privacy protection on the website of the risk, so the need to increase the degree of concern.

The amount of But

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