Shanghai Longfeng FAQ website ranking will make money

Shanghai Longfeng experts should be a mentor, experience, knowledge, patience. When we consult the Shanghai dragon problem, the teacher gave us the greatest help not teach me. "

Accurate positioning of

site can make money due to many factors, the ranking is not the only standard, the so-called ranking refers to the keywords in the search engine rankings, if you choose keywords particularly unpopular, it is easy to do search engine home page, but if this word no attention, no one search, then you ranked first it is equal to zero. Such as the title of the blog Madman of Chu competition degree is very low, the love of Shanghai index is only about 90, that is to say the word search Madman of Chu people every day there are about 90 people, the word if you want to do, it is easy to do, but even the first home is also at most 90 traffic only, but also what profit does not produce, because this is not a commercial search keywords, no one is to produce the Madman of Chu trading.

so a profitable website, it is very important to choose the keywords. The more popular keywords, the competition is more difficult, more difficult to do, but when you get home, traffic and revenue obtained will be more in the network and the reality is the same, pay and harvest is always proportional to the. Of course, the same keywords heat may bring benefits is a world of difference, so the choice of keywords to make money also has the skill, here is a test of vision and experience, the website user experience, the conversion rate will also affect your ability to make money website. As for the topic of how to choose keywords to make money a little bit too much, I was learning and exploration, if experience again to share.

Shanghai dragon industry actually not the expert, or that everyone can do Shanghai Longfeng experts, because Shanghai Longfeng basically rely on expert experience. No one can thoroughly studied through search engine algorithms, even if you are thoroughly studied, the algorithm of search engine will often change, do not believe you can go to Shanghai from all walks of life love search website, you will be surprised to find that many experts say the knowledge of Shanghai dragon have the opposite effect in a multi site but this time, the experts generally said: This is the exception! Or: This is temporary! In fact many experts will Shanghai Longfeng contradict each other, A experts say, B experts say that, because of their different experiences, thus resulting in their inconsistency, resulting in the webmaster many beginners and beginners Shanghai Longfeng people confused, do not know who to listen to.

as a webmaster, or an occupation of Shanghai dragon ER, website ranking should be usually most concerned about things, change every day look at their website in search engine ranking, once the home page will dance for joy before, once the decline is always on tenterhooks. A lot of Shanghai ER ranking for the Dragon life, but a good website ranking will be able to make money? Not necessarily


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