Scindapsus under high value in the algorithm is the basis of web page optimization talent shows itse

search engine satisfaction on the website of the determinants occupies a large part of the US, can be analyzed from the following aspects, although the number of individual website content is not much, but a lot of hard Shanghai dragon Er website on-line, as much as possible to do the basic user experience for the site, timing quantitative update of the original text high value, even the content correlation is very good, the user experience, format, size, font, paragraph, word order, creative and so on has done even more than some of the brand website, it is one of the factors that can lead to some part of the personal website ranking over large web sites, the following specific talk.

All of the contents of

throughout the site, we will find that no matter how the search engine changes, the user experience is always the same theme, especially on our website weight and quality of the new Adsense are very low in the case of can do is the user experience, the author found that many sites are lack of an industry standard consciousness, many webmaster that content is on the line, the paragraph format, font size, concise statement is not very important, so we can see a lot of content in website layout, paragraph format uneven, the root cause of this phenomenon is our thoughts still remain in continuous pseudo original, constantly send the chain level. The station does not pay attention to details, indirectly lead to poor user experience, and the search engine is a want to be included Just look at the correlation degree and the quality of the search engine, web content for the user will see the value, I believe that one of the most direct expression is the user in the page on.

second, paragraph format, font size, concise statement for its good user experience

The author thinks that the

search engine ranking factors as everyone knows the correlation factor is very important, the search engine has always believed that extending the theme of a website determines the content of the website content all around the theme, so the website content is too high will cause the search engine’s attention, we can see some blog website ranking than the web portal, for example Lu Songsong’s blog, many words which are more than a large website, why? The author thinks that the information in the website, account for a large proportion, we can go to the analysis of the Shanghai Dragon God blog, they also have to do a lot of optimization, only an independent blog to add some content to seize a lot core keywords ranking position, we can see from the search engine on the correlation degree of attention is very high The.

for the recent Scindapsus algorithm, practice and Analysis on their own website, a website is to win in the fierce competition, an unique quality content, the author through the recent K stand for the performance of Scindapsus, found some personal website content is also not a lot, but the ranking is very good. This is what causes?

first, grasp the relationship between the content of high correlation factors, the value of high

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