The difference between new and old station optimal operation

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we formulate Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy to a website, we must first clear is that the website is a new or old station, because the new site and the old site in the optimization strategy including operation is different from the chain operation, the station within a content source, from data analysis to the page adjustment is different, some optimization operation new sites are not necessarily applicable to the old site, and vice versa, today to share with you, in the face of the new site and the old site how should we distinguish between different optimization strategies.

> layout The old

2. station Nene content source to solve different

site when we optimize the site we continue to add content to our website, then later become relatively bloated, a lot of content in the website is not much value for users, the real value for the user is a relatively small part of the contents of these parts is relatively small the content of our website is a fundamental difference, and the old station for the content to do is to get rid of the bloated content according to the data, leaving only the content of the user equipment value difference.

as a new website he has basically is zero, while the old site is different he made a period of time he is a certain credit basis, so little in the chain operation above the old site basically or not to operate outside the chain, and the new site in the drainage we have to take some chain energy to do.

is to do subtraction for old website source station, and the new website is to add the opposite.


for new sites, some people go back to imitate the keyword ranked website content when operating the new web content, this approach is not working, because if you need him to the top of the contents of the site to solve the demand, will not come back to your new website, our new website to mining user demand to do their own content constantly filling on our website, we need to constantly try content according to the data, find the industry websites do not do content and users also need content, and this is our net difference station unique content.

has a relatively good resources with a certain amount of traffic for the old site, so we need to do is adjust the station and the content source problem is not outside the chain of

new and old station weight difference at two points below

Methods The weight of The difference between

3.. Content

1. chain operation of different

for a new possible resources and traffic are not, so we need to do is the most basic chain. For the new station chain to meet two points: (1) the high quality of the chain (2) to guide the flow of the chain for small and medium enterprises station we can properly do pure text links to some B2B platform shops.

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