n 2016 the website of Shanghai Longfeng ranking we should be how to do

the most difficult problem is the Shanghai dragon took over a site on their own do not know how to optimize, but now Shanghai dragon is also more chaotic, impressed me most was the end of the 15 year of a person with my QQ asked me to help him see a website how rankings do not go on, I took a look at the website there is no site map, robots pictures are not, no optimization, H tag does not do it, I’ll give him time to say the problem is what these are his back to me, I will Speechless.

said that not many other problems, website ranking in the end how should we do? We work in the company when a lot of finished product website, this time we need to see the internal optimization sites do not, many of the company’s website is no good internal optimization, when I came to the company a the Title of our website is all used, what didn’t do optimization, so they need is 11 to analysis web site problems, how to modify the.

web server speed, now a lot of people or companies are using the space, is not independent of the server, I also use the space, but now is a lot of space is not stable, or wasted slow, this will cause a bad influence to the search engine grab. Another is the domain name of the website to see if there is a serious drop right or K too many times, many companies would not do before Shanghai dragon is the result of site optimization, site is down right or be K this is not the case, all the time we took over a site first need to see is the two case. If the site is serious drop right if only optimization speed is relatively slow, relatively high degree of difficulty, but by K, may say optimization, but the optimization difficulty and the time it is very long, this is a domain name website.


For many novice

user experience, I said before the user experience, but the user experience is the user to enter the site first impression of the website. How to say I don’t want to go to a detailed description of this problem, I have seen a lot of the company’s website is when the user enters the site did not begin when the site is out of a dialog window or on both sides of all the floating window, so.

The The optimization of the website

is nothing more than from the TDK of the website, the website h tags, image optimization, site map, robots, page 404, there is a website to see these problems. Find the problem is to optimize these problems. In fact, the optimization of internal optimization is the code, the quality of the content of the original, now the search engine on the web content is very attention. Before is to copy the articles, send the chain is to go up, it is now the search engine on the original site can be said very seriously, the original is good then the site’s ranking up soon. But now many of the website is to copy the article inside WeChat. I will say this now WeChat operates a common phenomenon in the operation of WeChat inside.

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