love to see Shanghai launched the nternet


1, the lack of open

When Google

from "Internet," the Internet is roughly introduces tutorial to teach you the news, read the news, how to love the music of Shanghai is to teach you how to use the MP3 video to teach you love Shanghai, love to teach you how to use the Shanghai MAP how to love the Shanghai video, maps, shopping, chat, in addition to the use of Health recommended love Shanghai QQ, Taobao and other 39 Health Network, the Internet is basically in love Shanghai’s own products. From the point of view, the recommended home products without a doubt. But from the user perspective, should not have more choices. Blindly exaggerate their own product advantages, the user ignorance is the lack of big companies and big enterprises bearing.

love Shanghai development in recent years, also continued to launch many services, but overall, imitation, lack of innovation. As a leader of Chinese Internet enterprise, if without mediocrity, not to play a role in guiding the good, do not have this industry leader temperament, you let Chinese users how to support you. With a little knowledge of a network of people love Shanghai compared with Google. No matter from the technical point of view, the angle of comparison is usually love Shanghai as Google, why?

recently fell in love with the sea in time before the Spring Festival launched the Internet users online site name for the new class "and" (贵族宝贝xue.baidu贵族宝贝/). This site to help users learn new skills for the construction of the Internet, network, Internet tour entrance, you asked me to answer three main columns, and to provide news, chat, search, music, games, shopping, and other popular Internet users use download function instructions, for new users tailored close online tutorial. The author after the trial, there are some experience to share with you.

to defend their fair search results with ZF department to fight for their rights, we only see the Spring Festival evening fell in love with the sea; when Google has introduced new applications and services, and we only see the love of Shanghai constantly in the cold; when Google constantly accumulated technology industry innovation, we only see the love of Shanghai was rubbish battle group play. As a Chinese top Internet >

love Shanghai love Shanghai has introduced many products has been questioned by everyone. This is supposed to be the love of Shanghai itself should be the internal review. Really good application service, with users of the cognitive and in-depth understanding of the. To provide professional application service products, everybody is the heart. When love Shanghai open numerous open meeting, that the development of API, attract more products to provide better search engine service, but the thing and improve the products and services of the rankings, this is not really open, this is the lack of open mentality performance. Open is the trend of development of the industry, the Tencent is so strong, so the dominance of the industry advantages of passive open, love Shanghai why

has stalled?2, the lack of awareness of innovation

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